Captains blog 2442 (day 5)


captains blog: web year 2442 (day 5):

When boarding this new vessel I knew I signed-up for a voyage into unknown territory. We got of to a rough start having problems with the configuration on It was kind of confusing but after some research and adjustments I figured it out. Also experienced some troubles with our JetPack but Jeremy provided outstanding assistance and soon we were on our way again.


Captains log: web year 2442 (day 4)


captains log: web year 2442 (day 4)

At the moment I am attempting to get a grasp on WordPress and blogging all together I must confess. It would be nice if I have something to show for while i’m still young and people start to see that I don’t have a clue to what I am doing. Today I learned the hard way that one cant just log in anywhere that has wordpress in it’s domain. It disabled my  locally hosted JetPack for hours.