Google is About to Introduce Opera Mini and Amazon Silk Features in Chrome


I am enthusiastic about the pending updates for Chrome that will enhance the mobile browsing experience. It will incorporate the best features of the Opera Mini and Amazon Silk Browsers. With these features Chrome will be able to load pages faster on mobile devices as it first caches the content on it’s servers. The cached content will  first be optimized before severing it.

This method is also used by Opera Mobile (for tablets) which I think is the best choice for tablets. I use it on my Android tablet and has the highest graphical quality of all the browsers I have tried out on my tablet so far which are Chrome, Firefox, Maxthon etc.

Based on the article Google is About to Introduce Opera Mini and Amazon Silk Features in Chrome retrieved from on March 14, 2013.


Using Google Translate to check your online spelling

Nowadays there are many ways to check your spelling when writing on websites or web apps. I for instance use(d) Ginger and the build in spell checking tool in Chrome. But I have found that using the Google Translate extension for Chrome to be an effective tool for writing, translating and checking text written in a browser. It helps me with writing nice correctly written texts in English and Dutch. Continue reading

Chrome Browser Evalauation

chromeLogoMy favorite browser is Chrome. I prefer this browser for several reasons. For any browser that I would consider using it goes without saying that it has to be up to the modern standards, fast and reliable. Besides these basic requirements I want to be able to use the same browser across my different devices like my desktop, tablet and smart phone. When using it across different devices or machines I want to be able to access my bookmarks no matter what machine or device I am using.

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