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Social Media for Teenagers?

Great post on the other side of the social coin. Mandatory stuff! 

Social Media for Teenagers?.


How To Remove The URL Field From WordPress Comments


This is a short and informative article on how to preemptively remove potentially harmful links in the standard comment form. To some it may sound a bit far fetched to take this sort of measure but in reality WordPress blogs are prime targets for hackers.

WordPress security link removal

How To Remove The URL Field From WordPress Comments

Google+ released new apps for iPhone and Android

From my other Google+ dedicated Blog http://googleplustipsandtricks.wordpress.com

Google+ Tips and Tricks

Yesterday Google released the latest version of Google+ for Android and iPhone which respectively are v3.6 and v4.3. Google has worked hard to add new features and improve existing ones. They added new features that are related to photos only for the iPhone. Most of the improved features are geared towards faster browsing and making the user interface more efficient for handling the ever growing stream of content. The below text is a quoted from Google’s press release.

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“Social media is not a game played from the sidelines…”


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social media jokeshttp://googleplustipsandtricks.wordpress.com/2013/03/26/social-media-fundamental-shift/

Create attractive looking g+ posts with text formatting

lettersGoogle+ does not offer much when it comes to formatting your text in posts and comments and the formatting options that are present are mostly unknown. In this article the available formatting options will be covered to enable you to create more attractive looking posts.

Text formatting options available:

  • Bold;
  • Italic;
  • Strike through;

To format your text in posts and comments on g+ you can use markup symbols which enable you to make your text bold, cursive and strike through. Skip to  explanation.

ALT symbols

ALT symbols have been around since the invention of the computer and you’ll probably will have used them before. ALT symbols are the letters and pictorials that you insert by pressing and holding down the ALT key while entering a number between 0 and 255. This will insert things like a smiley (☺), a heart (♥) or a dollar ($) sign. Skip to explanation.

Known text formatting bugs

There are some known idiosyncrasies when it comes to how g+ handles text formatting in posts and comments. G+ does not handle spaces as you would expect when used after a +mention and with regards to paragraph formatting. I will not discuss the details here but I will give an example to illustrate it. For instance when you want to insert a space after a +mention you have to use two (and sometimes three) spaces for it to be displayed.

Using markup in posts

Use the following markup symbols to add formatting to your text.

g+ text formatting cheat sheet

Original image source: Jaana Nystrom (13th of October 2012) Text formatting on Google+ posts. Retrieved from http://googleplushelper.blogspot.fi/2012/10/text-formatting-on-google-posts.html

ALT symbols

ALT symbols are the letters and pictorials that you insert by pressing and holding down the ALT key while entering a number between 0 and 255. This will insert the corresponding symbol into your text at the position of the cursor. Some of the most commonly used symbols are the smiley, the hart and the dollar sign. Their corresponding ALT numbers are:

Smiley (ALT 1)     ☺
Hart (ALT 3)          ♥
Dollar (ALT 36)     $

Here you can find a listing of all 254 available symbols.