How To Get Instant First Page Ranking

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At the beginning of 2012, Google introduced Search Plus Your World (SPYW) which allowed Google to include posts from your G+ social network in the search results.  As a result, when you share a pub…

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Will my blog at instantly rank first in or on the first page on Google with the keywords: social media advice, advertising firms Apeldoorn?  I am testing this theory in the coming wrakeeks en you can follow it on if you like. 

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4 thoughts on “How To Get Instant First Page Ranking

  1. I think that Google is constantly trying to improve the ranking system so as to insure “true” content. Real content.

    • Insure untrue content. Well put I think. I’ts not a thing a have a strong opinion on. It’s the way of things on the move I think. Modern times makes live more formless as tech can almost be developed on the fly to our needs and we have a need to not be satisfied in the moment in some strange way. The positive thing about it I think is that only true passion, talent, commitment and creativeness can only lead to ongoing productiveness at high standards and I like to think that this will over and again washout the posers. Does this make any sense to you?

      • Yes, I think Google is looking for true passion,talent,commitment and creativeness. However, I find many times I cannot find what I am looking for on a Google search. That would be too simple.

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