Effective timing for posting to g+

think global

think global

When you want to get more serious towards creating a bigger audience on g+ and thus getting more followers it helps to choose your timing with some consideration. At the moment the largest audience for g+ lives in the USA. If you live in a different time zone then it’s important to keep in mind in which time-zone (s) your targeted audiences live and at what times they are engaged on g+.

Generally speaking people engage on g+ starting early in the morning, then again somewhere between 09:00 and 11:00, in the afternoon after 15:00 and in the evening after 21:00. The mornings are mostly used for reading content from their stream and the afternoons and evenings for posting their own content. Preferably your posts will be presented to your targeted audience(s) in the morning or afternoon. Here at plusexaminer.com you can find an overview of the times that are most effective for posting to the most popular social networks.

There are free tools that are useful to find out the most effective posting times for you from your past posts on g+. A tool I like to use is timing+ which is a web application. After Signing in with your Google account you can analyze your past post right away not having to register.

This is it for so far. In future posts I will dig deeper into the matter as there is much more ground to cover here.


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