Using Google Translate to check your online spelling

Nowadays there are many ways to check your spelling when writing on websites or web apps. I for instance use(d) Ginger and the build in spell checking tool in Chrome. But I have found that using the Google Translate extension for Chrome to be an effective tool for writing, translating and checking text written in a browser. It helps me with writing nice correctly written texts in English and Dutch.

To use Google Translate as a spell checker we translate our text to the language the text is written in. Just click the Google Translate icon and set the “translated to” option in the toolbar to the language of your texts like show in the picture below.

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The advantage of using Google Translate is that you always have the functions for spell checking (in almost any language) and translation on the same toolbar. These can be used for several handy things like reading the texts in your native language to check for wrong word choices in translation. For example when you wrote “week” and actually wanted to say “weak” then you will notice this when reading it back in your own language. Also when hovering over the translated text the original text will appear in a box what makes checking extra easy.


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