Chrome Browser Evalauation

chromeLogoMy favorite browser is Chrome. I prefer this browser for several reasons. For any browser that I would consider using it goes without saying that it has to be up to the modern standards, fast and reliable. Besides these basic requirements I want to be able to use the same browser across my different devices like my desktop, tablet and smart phone. When using it across different devices or machines I want to be able to access my bookmarks no matter what machine or device I am using.

First of all how can one determine how a browser performers? This seems subjective and difficult to asses but Google offers a handy tool for testing a browsers JavaScript performance which is important for the fast loading and correct displaying of web pages.  Do the Octane JavaScript Benchmark yourself and find out how your browser is performing. My results: Chrome 9673, Firefox 6197 and IE 8 can’t run it at all. Even though its a tool made by Google it offers a reasonably objective result in my opinion. So it’s clear that on my desktop Chrome performs the best in this regard.

Chrome offers me all that I desire of my browser and it works perfectly on my Android tablet / smart phone and with Chrome Sync I can take my bookmarks with me were ever I use Chrome. Besides that Chrome offers some very nice bonus features:

  • Extensions;
  • Applications;
  • Chrome Store;


Extensions add extra functionality to Chrome. They usually appear as a icon on the right top sidebar next to the address bar. They are mostly developed by third parties to enhance existing apps and services. I like and use: Ever note Web clipper and Clearly, Gmail Checker, Screen Capture, Google Translate and WordPress Site Manager.

Over extensies - Chrome Web Store Help


Applications are designed to run entirely within a browser and are supported by Chrome. When first starting with Chrome the distinction between applications and extensions may not be all that clear but just remember that applications are always show on the “new tab page” under applications and do usually not appear on the top right sidebar. Some of the applications I like and use are: Chrome Web store, Google Documents, Read Later Fast, Sky Drive and Google Reader.

Chrome Store

In the Chrome Web Store you can find all the extensions and applications that you can add to Chrome. Since a short while applications and extensions can only be added through the Chrome Web Store due to security considerations at Google’s end. Be sure to only add them from the web store as like with installing any software it can pose security issues when installing from an unknown source.

In feature posts I will be discussing Chrome, Applications and Extensions in more detail. I hope you liked it so far.


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