JetPack on localhost without connection!

JetPack to Go

JetPack to Go

The support I got at WordPress really impressed me today! Yesterday I had a problem with JP that wouldn’t run on my localhost after I changed the web server from a local server to a public server. Afterwords JP would not connect anymore whatever I tried.

On the support page I found a short post on a related matter from Jeremy and I asked him for help. Today (on a saturday ) I got the answer and now I run JP locally without being connected to WP. That’s just great! If you would like to do this also then just follow the instructions below and: You will be JetPacking in 5!

Before I leave you to go to the instructions I would like to say out loud and make a statement that:

Jeremy@ “ | Automattic” rocks and by the power of all geeks in vested in me: I raise Jeremy to Sir Jeremy in the order of Happiness Engineers. Jeremy I salute you my dear Sir! 

Hi Daniel,

If you want to run Jetpack on localhost, I would recommend that you install the development version of Jetpack:

We have recently added a “Development mode” to Jetpack: if you add the following constant to your wp-config.php, you will be able to use Jetpack without connecting to

define(‘JETPACK_DEV_DEBUG’, true);

Please note that only modules that don’t require a connection can be enabled in this mode.

I hope this helps.

Happiness Engineer | | Automattic”


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